Vote Online

Exactly how could the Occupy Commercial (OWS) motion guarantee something that would certainly give everyone a larger voice in national politics today, while at the same time bringing our election system right into the 21st century? Do you want to know the online voting pros and cons? Appear completely pressure behind a national activity to allow on the internet ballot for elections. Why online ballot? Exactly how would the enactment of an on-line voting system for national elections change the way things operate in Washington D.C. today?

Why Use Online Voting?

The answer to the first question, why online voting, is an easy one. Nearly everything can be completed online today! Want to send an a letter to a person? Email. Would like to pay your bills? On-line payment. Intend to purchase a pizza? Online ordering. Would like to wire money from one checking account to another? Do it online. That’s the point! Every little thing is done on the internet these days so why not online election voting?

EZ VoteAfter doing a little research I was surprised to find out that we have had an online vote for a primary election in the United States. In 2000, the Arizona Democratic Party allowed online voting to occur for their primary election. This was the first time an election was permitted to happen online in the world! What I do not understand, is why that system has not caught on as well as relocated to elections across the country. With such an abysmal citizen turnout price in the United States, an online voting system would surely increase voter turnout just by virtue of it being easy to do as compared to the current system.

In the current system, you can either apply for an absentee tally in which you can vote from another location via a mail tally, or you can vote at the polling office delegated to you when you sign up to vote. Voting at the surveys takes location in the middle of the workweek on a Tuesday for national elections, meanings that the normal individual who functions a 9-6 job has to rush to the ballot office after work and stand in line to place their ballot. With these limited options, it is no wonder why our citizen turnout in the USA is so reduced. Who really wants to do that? An online voting system would certainly improve the process immensely! Combine it with electronic voting machines at polling locations, as well as you could have elections results as quickly as a hr after the last polling office closes.